Cosplay Girl

by Amontiock

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A musical comedy of conventions and courtship.

Music Video:



I never thought that it would happen just like this
I’m not the type to trip and fall into a tryst
But then I saw your face
When you asked me to hold your place
While we were standing in the line to meet Lucy Lawless

Another day, another comic convention
Your future Slayer costume caught my attention
I’d never seen Cosplay
That celebrated Whedon’s Fray
And from that moment forward I was full of affection

Then we talked for hours and hours about Babylon 5
Like Delenn of Minbar, reborn out of the Chrysalis, I finally felt alive!

And now I just can’t live without you, if you could call that living at all
I’ve never seen something more beautiful than your gender bent Darth Maul
My head is spinning and my heart is reeling from your double-bladed lightsaber twirl
Oh, my little Cosplay Girl, my Cosplay Girl

We whiled away the day parading through the Con (KHAAAN!!!)
My heart rode faster than the Riders of Rohan
And even when I did fess up
That I don’t actually dress up
She still clung to me like Cindy Morgan did to Tron

The Leia to my Solo, she’s the Lois to my Clark
The Kira to my Odo, she’s the Pepper to my Stark
You are more precious to me
Than profit to a Ferengi
Your kiss is worth more than a bar of latinum to Quark

We danced along to Zelda songs and played the arcade bars
And camped out in a panel line while naming all the stars

And now I just can’t Con without you, if you could call that Conning at all
For you I’d throw away my sacred oath as a Watcher on the Wall
I’d even try it as a pirate with you on the Black Pearl
Oh, my little Cosplay Girl, my Cosplay Girl

Then everything changed on day three
She lost her interest in me
Said she needed something more
Than my pins of the Hufflepuff crest
Or the custom Browncoat lanyard around my chest
Now I see her hand in hand with a Doctor Number Four

And now I think I’ll die without you, if you could call that dying at all
So I’ll go steal with Arrietty, ‘cause I’m feeling mighty small
Now you’ve left me for a Time Lord, the story of my world
And I will never find another
I will never find another....
I will never find another......Cosplay Girl

Cosplay Girl, Cosplay Girl, Cosplay Girl


released June 15, 2016
Music by Sam Johnides & Chris Bramante
Lyrics by Chris Bramante & Dax Schaffer
Vocals by Chris Bramante
Keys, Bass, & Drums by Sam Johnides
Track Mix & Master by Christopher Sousa
Additional Mastering by Dax Schaffer
Director/Editor/DP of Music Video: Evan Koehne
Produced by Chris Bramante & Dax Schaffer
Album Cover Photo taken by Evan Koehne
Album Cover Design by Dax Schaffer
Actors in Photo: Chris Bramante & Katie Moya



all rights reserved


Amontiock Los Angeles, California

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