Hufflepuff Puff Pass

by Amontiock

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A hip-hop anthem for the kind-hearted wizards living in Hogwarts’ most unsung house, Hufflepuff.

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All aboard the express to Hogwarts
It’s time to meet the talking hat that magically sorts
I see you in the corridor hoping for Gryffindor
Think that’s where you need to be to be the best sorcerer?
But have no fear, first years, cuz I’m hear to tell ya
The truest hearted wizards are grown in the House of Helga

Now, you may have heard the tales of Beedle the Bard
Or the Little Boy Who Lived and the lightning scar
No extendable ears? No fear. Just listen
To story 'bout the dormitory stationed near the kitchen
Butterbeers, pour it up, don’t spill ‘em
Walk up to the barrels, tap ‘em in the perfect rhythm (perfect rhythm)
But be careful if you’re not a welcome visitor, sinister
Tap the wrong way (hey) you’ll be doused in vinegar
But if you tap it right and ya living true and loyally
You come into the common room where we live in royalty
Now you’re in the Hufflepuff basement
Everybody’s happy 'bout their sorting hat placement
Plants smelling fragrant, faces complacent
We hard-working wizards who are tolerant and patient
I got witches in the common room whipping the cauldron
and they ain’t got class til six in the mornin’ (six in the mornin’)
History of Magic will certainly bore us
So, we cut class faster than centaurs chase Dolores
Checking on our plants in The Forbidden Forest,
Ackin’ like we florists; Accio the chorus

I been seeing all the spells that you cast
We busy kickin’ back, sippin’ Knotgrass
While you stressin’ out 'bout the grades in your class
We be ridin’ rough, Hufflepuff puff pass

Hard like Wenlock’s math
Chillin’ in the crop fields with the Mooncalf
Roll down to Zonko’s have us a laugh
We ain’t had enough, Hufflepuff puff pass

Now, let us dispel a little of the slander
Lest you forget you’re dealing with the house of Newt Scamander
You may have heard his name from a few of your teachers
The man who discovered all the magical creatures
He started at the Ministry as a low employee
But boy he leveled up, became the world authority
From Turkey to Thailand
You cannot confine him
Talking all about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
From animals to plantables, we carry the clout
You’re gonna bury your doubt.
Ayo, whaddup Professor Sprout?
She got herb for your cranium
Insane in the brainium
Biting you harder than a fanged geranium.
Put down your broom, meet me in the room with all the things that we require
Stoking up the fire, getting higher than the Fat Friar
Here in Hufflepuff, we are the tridest and truest
Of dark wizards in your world, we produce the fewest
Why do you do this? You clueless, you think we soft?
Talking bout the house that brought up Hengist of Woodcroft?
Founder of the village called Hogsmeade
Down at the Hog’s Head, people drinkin’ what they all need
But don’t forget respect for those in our memory
Raise up your Fire Whiskey, pour one out for Cedric D (Rest in Peace/RIP)


Obliviate the hate, sectumsempra the chatter
Keep your Felix Felicis. Yo, we couldn’t be gladder.
Hold your head up high, cuz you know we got that swagger
Wear your black and yellow. Fly the flag of the Badger.

I been seeing all the spells that you cast
We jumpin’ in the Great Lake, makin’ a splash
Swimmin’ down deep with our Gilliweed stash
Bottoms up, Hufflepuff puff pass

Ain’t no enemies setting us a trap
No one showing up when we see the foe-glass
Shout it like a Mandrake awake from a nap
Livin’ off the cuff, Hufflepuff puff pass

Finders keepers. Where’d you find those creatures?

Light it up Hufflepuff puff pass


released November 22, 2016
Vocals by Chris Bramante
Lyrics by Chris Bramante, Dax Schaffer, & Rich Costales
Music by Sam Johnides & Christopher Sousa
Mixed by Christopher Sousa
Director/Editor/DP of Music Video: Rich Costales
Produced by Chris Bramante, Dax Schaffer, & Rich Costales
Album Artwork and Design by Dax Schaffer
Photo of smoke used for Artwork by William Warby
(used under Creative Commons Attribution License)



all rights reserved


Amontiock Los Angeles, California

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